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5 Things Students Worry About When Finding An Internship

5 Things Students Worry About When Finding An Internship

So you’re getting a job… sort of. 

Every graduating student knows the roller coaster of emotions one goes through when finding an internship. There’s that excitement over the possibility of getting a job, but so is worry over… well, the possibility of getting a job. It goes both ways!

While an internship can feel too heavy of a burden for students struggling to raise their grades or finish their thesis (send help!), it’s a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and work experience in your chosen field without really getting into it just yet. Think of it as a trial stage!

So before worry gets the best of you, let’s deal with your internship ~feels~ one by one and move past them. Shall we? 


1. Crafting a standout resume when you have little to zero work experience

Look up job hunting tips on the Internet, and you’ll see a gazillion articles on creating an impressive resume. And that’s great! Except you’re still a student, with little to zero work experience. What do you do? 

We say keep calm, and know that your future employer is well aware of your lack of experience. (Of course, they do!) While they don’t expect interns to have a lot of work experience, your hiring manager would rather focus on your school involvement, and skills and interests you can bring to the table. Build up your work experience by getting involved in extracurricular activities and part-time jobs!

Need help in crafting a standout resume? Read up on these guides!


2. Finding a company that will provide you a ~solid~ internship experience

Here’s a fact: not all internship experiences are equal. There are internship programs that bring out the best employee in you, and there are others that make you question if you’re getting work experience relevant to your field. (Hint: it’s not just photocopying documents and running errands) Don’t fall into the latter!

While the pressure to apply for a company often falls on the applicant (that’s you!), you still get a say on where you’ll take your internship. Be selective! Do research on the company you’re applying for. Checking their company website and social media accounts is a good place to start!

What are the things you need to know about your internship company? These articles might help you decide:


3. Going to the interview and overthinking about every. possible. scenario. that. can. happen. 

Impressive resume, check. Dream company, check. Interview, up next! (Don’t panic) Part of getting the internship is going through the interview process. And mind you, this stage is where most students worry and overthink.

“What if I don’t know the answer?” or “What if I stutter?”these are possibly the greatest concerns of students as they wait for their interviews. Shake the pre-interview jitters by coming prepared!

We get you. Interviews can be really, really intimidating! Especially if it’s your first. Good thing you can always prepare in advance for these nerve-racking situations. Read these articles for tried-and-tested interview tips from our HR friends: 


4. Fitting in the company culture and working with the BIG GUYS

Yup, you read that right. Students worry about working in the company even before they are working in the company. And they rightfully should! As an intern, your work experience has a lot to do with the people you’ll work with. 

What type of boss will you have? Who will mentor you throughout your internship? How do employees treat interns in the office? These are important questions you can (or should) ask even before your internship starts.

Develop a good working relationship with your workmates. Check out these articles to help you become an intern everyone loves working with:


5. Learning from the internship… like for reals 

It’s one thing to take an internship, and another to take an internship and feel more ready for the real world. Hopefully, your internship would be a lot like the latter! 

Because at the end of your internship, the real clincher isn’t how reputable the company is but how better equipped you are for your future career. (If you’re lucky, you can have both!) 

Make every effort to learn something new during your internship. While you’re on a learning mode, you might want to add these articles to your reading list:


Have you experienced one, or all, of these internship worries? If yes, then it’s time to deal with them head-on. Roll up your sleeves and prepare for it! But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Happy internship!

Ready to have a blast in your internship? Let’s help you prepare for it! Read more articles like this in the Job Hunting blog section at now!

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