Diploma from Home: All About Online Master’s Degrees

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Jun 01, 2020

With the current events, the ability to do things remotely has skyrocketed in popularity. If you’ve been dying to have your favorite ramen for weeks, chances are they now deliver. Wanting to keep in shape? Several stores now deliver workout wares straight to your house! The flexibility of doing all of this from the comfort of your own home is just too good to pass up. And even better? If you’ve been wanting to take your studies a step further without actually taking a step outside your home, we’ve got three words for you: online masters degrees.

There are several advantages to online education, from doing it at your own pace to customizing the lessons to tailor-fit your learning goals. There’s no horrendous traffic to worry about, and you can attend class in your pajamas. The best part is the freedom it gives you: if you can’t complete a class at your usual schedule, you can easily resume at any time you want. It’s pretty much learning at your convenience.

Master’s degrees are worthwhile investments to make in yourself. Not only does it expand your skillset, but it opens new doors to opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to access. Being able to do this at home makes the deal even sweeter.

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This could be you—taking that lunch break (or snack break!) whenever you feel like it.

The lowdown on online master’s degrees

Unlike traditional schooling, the processes are completely online, so you won’t have to worry about shuttling back and forth to submit requirements. Less travel time = money saved!

While the structure may vary a bit per school, you’ll be studying on your own for the most part—but with guidance from the program, of course! You’ll be able to consult your teachers and set appointments with them for any questions you might have.

Another advantage of online master’s programs is that they generally have fewer admission requirements. They’re more flexible, as many programs admit students on a rolling basis. This means that you can submit your application at any time, and the admissions team will review it right after. 

Course material, such as modules, readings, and video lectures will be available to you as you go through them according to the syllabus. Some programs might have live online classes, but they’ll be available for viewing afterward. While all of these will be taken at your pace, some requirements still need to be completed by a certain date. 

With that said, managing your time is even more essential here. Whether you’re punctual with assignments or a bona fide crammer, taking an online master’s degree will take your time management skills to the next level! You’ll be in charge of your own schedule, after all, which means that you can take it while fulfilling other commitments. 

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That video on making fluffy pancakes can wait… I promise.

Online master’s programs are usually cheaper than on-campus degrees. They take fewer resources to organize, which means less to pay for. Don’t fret—the quality of education is just as good as attending these classes in person! This is a great option for students who need to stick to a strict budget.

Where can I get an online master’s degree in the Philippines? 

Already daydreaming about your future master’s degree? We’ve got good news: there are plenty of universities in the Philippines that offer online programs, including online bachelor’s degrees

University of the Philippines – Open University

You read that right—the highest-ranked university in the country offers their excellent education online! UPOU has been the pioneer of distance education and open learning in the Philippines since its establishment in 1995. They’ve helped national agencies and other institutions in establishing their own distance education programs. 

UPOU offers 12 master’s programs on a semesterly basis, except for their Master of Distance Education program. More good news: their admission qualifications and requirements are pretty easy to fulfill! 

Here’s the full course list:

Faculty of Education

  • Master of Distance Education
  • Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education
  • Master of Arts in Social Studies Education

Faculty of Information and Communication Studies

  • Master of Development Communication
  • Master of Information Systems

Faculty of Management and Development Studies

  • Master of Arts in Nursing
  • Master of ASEAN Studies
  • Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management
  • Master of International Health
  • Master of Land Valuation and Management
  • Master of Public Management
  • Master of Social Work

If you’d like to learn more about their programs, be sure to visit their website.

AMA University Online Education

Just like UP, AMA has gone beyond traditional education by offering excellent and flexible online degrees. Their programs are versatile enough for those who want to keep their full-time jobs while improving their skills.

Their online master’s degrees are categorized as Continuous Learning, and their admissions requirements are pretty easy to fulfill! Their admissions page has all the deets. 

Here is the full course list: 

  • Master in Business Administration (Non-thesis)
  • Master in Business Administration 
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master of Arts in Computer Education
  • Master in Information Technology

As an added bonus, they also offer a Certificate in Professional Teaching Program, a doctorate in Business Administration, and a doctorate in Information Technology—all online, of course!

Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Open University

While PUP has long been known for its on-campus programs, it developed its Open University System to make education more accessible, innovative, and flexible. Thanks to them, you no longer have to look long and hard for the perfect online program! 

Under the OUS, students complete their programs without sacrificing other commitments. The OUS has also partnered with agencies like the Professional Regulations Commission to provide industry-based professional development for those seeking specific training.

Does this sound right up your alley? They have five master’s programs under the Open University System:

  • Master in Communication
  • Master in Educational Management
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Construction Management
  • Master of Science in Information Technology

Want to know more? Check out our online postgraduate degree index!


Written By:
Rayne Aguilar

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