Learn Beyond Class Hours: 6 Open Educational Resources for the Online Learner

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Jan 15, 2021

Mayroon bang sobrang complicated topic discussed sa class na medyo hindi mo ma-gets? Kailangan mo ba ng references for your research paper? Gusto mo bang matuto ng bagong skills?

Whatever learning material you need, open educational resources have got them for you! 

Open educational resources are online repositories of learning materials covering a wide range of topics. They help improve the learning process by providing easily accessible materials to students, as well as teachers and parents. These materials come in different formats, from videos, textbooks, articles, modules, and more — parang virtual libraries na pwede mong puntahan whenever and wherever!

At ang best part dito: OERs can be accessed for free! 

So, ready ka na bang matuto? Here are some of the most trusted open educational resources na makakatulong sa online learning:

1. OpenStax

Materials: Textbooks 

OpenStax is an open learning resource run by Rice University. It has a wide collection of peer-reviewed textbooks covering various subjects. You can access these textbooks for free on their website. 

Sa OpenStax website, pwede kang mag-highlight ng important concepts at mag-take down ng notes as you go along the lessons! Pwede mo ring i-review ang notes and highlights mo later on, all filtered per chapter. You just have to sign up for an account,no payment needed, and you’re good to go! 

Kung gusto mo naman na magbasa ng textbooks offline during your free time, pwede mo silang i-download as PDF files–all free of charge and no sign-up needed! 

2. TED-Ed

Materials: Videos, Blog Articles, Modules

TED-Ed provides a large variety of resources for learning that you can access for free. Meron silang informational videos, talks, blog articles, and quests covering various topics.

Whether you’d like to learn more about a certain subject matter that interests you, or you’d like to learn tips on improving your lifestyle, or you simply just want to learn trivia and fun facts, TED-Ed’s got the right material for you. 

3. Khan Academy 

Materials: Video Lectures, Modules

Who doesn’t love Khan Academy? 

Khan Academy is best known sa kanilang detailed and easy-to-understand video lessons. They break down complicated concepts into simpler ones and show you the step-by-step process in a pace that’s easy to follow. 

Bukod sa videos, they also provide structured courses–complete with assessment tools–making sure na lahat ng important concepts are covered. They offer modules for different subjects, including life skills!

4. Digital Commons Network

Materials: Scholarly articles 

Mayroon ka bang due na research paper that needs at least 5 academic sources? Looking for journal articles online can be a bit of a challenge, lalo na’t some of them are restricted at hindi easily accessible sa students. Thankfully, there are websites that keep a database of journal articles na pwede mong gamitin as your reference, all free of charge. 

One of the most trusted OERs when it comes to scholarly materials is the Digital Commons Network. Their website keeps a collection of around 3 million scholarly works–journals, journal articles, dissertations, book chapters, and more–curated from 611 institutions from around the world. 5 academic sources? Easy na lang yan!

5. Philippine E-Journals 

Materials: Scholarly articles

Philippine E-Journals is a repository of journals and journal articles from a vast range of disciplines, published by various institutions from the Philippines. Kung gusto mong matuto from different studies conducted locally, ito ang website para sa’yo!


Materials: Videos 

TVUP is a website run by the University of the Philippines that provides free educational content. They upload video lectures, panel discussions, and webinars hosted and discussed by UP’s very own professors and instructors. They have a wide offering of programs from different categories to choose from!

And those are six of the most trusted open educational resources that you can access beyond class hours! Learning never stops in the classroom setting. There’s a world of knowledge out there waiting for you–it only takes 1 click to get there! 

Do you know more open learning resources that can be helpful for students and teachers? Let us know in the comments below!


Written By:
Waynnie Mae Melendres

The content here was submitted to us via email, and published with minor edits by staff. Want your work published here too? Send your essays directly to with the subject line "BLOG SUBMISSION." The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed here belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the Edukasyon company or individuals.

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