SHS From A To Z: Arts And Design Track

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Oct 23, 2018

Navigating through senior high seems dizzying for students who grew up thinking college comes right after four years in high school. With the transition to the K-12 Education Curriculum, students are given the opportunity to choose their path a.k.a. tracks and strands that will help lead them to either higher education, employment or entrepreneurship.

If you’re into creating and performing, the Arts and Design Track might just be your next stage (pun intended)! This track allows you to enrich your skills ~and talents~ in music, theater, visual arts, media arts and dance so you can pursue a career in the performative and creative fields. Who knows when we’ll see your name in marquee lights?


Still thinking if the Arts and Design Track is THE one for you? Here’s a quick rundown of the track from A to Z to help you decide!


Artists and influential creatives. This track exposes you to various names in the industry and their renowned works that’ll inspire you, for reals. #goals   


Basic math. Numbers and other mathematical functions might not be exactly your forte, but it pays to know the basics. A general mathematics subject is included in the track’s curriculum.


Culture. Pursuing this track doesn’t only serve your own interests, it also creates more opportunity to preserve and promote local culture. Win-win!

Miss Universe pageant


Develop games. How amazing is it to create your own mobile apps, right? This track equips you with different media art skills that makes that childhood dream a reality. G!



English Proficiency. Everyone can speak, but not everyone can communicate. One of the core subjects in the curriculum teaches you English for academic and professional purposes.


Film Production. Watch your film in the next barkada hangout! Taking the Arts and Design track gives you a training for behind-the-scene actions. For reel!

film production


Great schools. It’s about time we explore away from the all-academic option, and stride in different avenues for learning. Wondering which schools offer the Arts and Design track? You can check the list here!


Human Development. A good masterpiece resounds with the human soul. This track introduces you to human philosophy so you can hit people’s emotions right in the ~feels~.   


Interior Design. Art is art, but art with the right execution is a e s t h e t i c. Pursuing this track arms you with technical skills to up your game in interior design.

house interiors


Jewelry. Ever wonder how those intricate necklaces, extravagant set designs or couture garments came to be? The track equips you with the right skills to fuel your interest in crafts and design. How fancy!


Knowledge on cartoons and animations. Time to make the kid in you happy! Taking this track teaches you the basic knowledge on multimedia production so you can explore all the fun on your own.


Livelihood. It’s one thing to do something you love, another to do something you love and get paid for it. With this track, you can get a living out of your love for arts and design. Yasss!

girl talking on the phone


Media and information literacy. With the advent of the digital age, even arts and design is highly influenced by media. That’s why media and information literacy is part of the core subjects!


Nature. Just like basic math, the track still has your well-rounded self in mind! So you get to study Earth and Life Science together with your track subjects.


Oral communication. No matter what career path you might find yourself in, good communication skills are important. Good thing, you can expect such training as part of your core subjects!

girl saying speak louder


Photography and all things production. One look at the track, and you know you’re in for an artsy treat! From photography to painting to printmaking, you’re all covered with this track.


Quality. What makes art and design beautiful is its focus on quality over quantity. With a focus on real content, you can expect a quality-approved career path!


Research. Yes, you’ll be holding a brush or taking a camera with you every now and then but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing any research anymore. After all, a creative knows how to put information into good use.

girl holding paper


Songwriting and scriptwriting. If you’re leaning more into creating than performing, don’t worry! This track isn’t just for aspiring singers or actors. You’ll do just as great making melodies for every song or putting words in every script.


Theater. You’ve always been comfortable in the spotlight, and you wonder why. Pursuing this track might just make you love theater and performing arts even more. Break a leg!


Understanding culture, society and politics. Ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” This track makes sure every piece of art you create tells a worthwhile story.

girl looking at a painting


Visual and media arts. Visuals are more than what meets the eye. Taking this gets you deeper in the art of printmaking, architecture, interior designing, photography and film production!


Web design. Ever asked what more is there to know about the web? This track gives you an in-depth look at the web and its functions. Ready to get lost in it?


Xcercise. Okay, we pushed this one! But still, you still need physical education and health when you choose this track. Time to find your #fitspiration real quick!

girl crawing on the ground


Young and free. With this track, you can stop holding back your creative juices and start channeling them into finishing senior high with flying colors! (Literally and figuratively.)


Zeal for arts and design. There’s no need to choose between what you want, and what’s practical. If you take a good look at the SHS tracks and believe in your heart that Arts and Design’s for you, then go for it! The world needs more creatives like you.


Want to learn more about the Arts and Design Track and the other tracks? Visit the Senior High School page or check out articles in the All About Senior High blog section at now!


Written By:
Angel Cruz

Angel is a storyteller who enjoys a good cup of coffee while listening to her family and friends' everyday stories. As a Development Communication graduate, she firmly believes that communities are the birthing ground of change where real people with real stories are just waiting to be heard. She is passionate about learning, coffee, and the next generation. On her spare time, you can find her happily lost in bookstore shelves, grocery alleys, coffee shops... or taking a nap.

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