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Smart Advice From A+ Students You Should Start Doing ASAP

Smart Advice From A+ Students You Should Start Doing ASAP

Good grades, check.

Fun extracurricular activities, check.

Active social life, check.

Full hours of sleep, check.

These might just be the first few items you’ll see in every student’s wishlist this Christmas. It feels like having all these things suddenly makes everything right in the world! What else could you ask for, right?

With all these items ticked off in the list, the next logical question to ask such A+ students (also see: rare pokémons) is HOW? Is it really possible to do all those things at once and still be able to excel in it?

Spoiler alert: yup!

what, like it's hard?

In a fast-paced world which demands A LOT from everyone, it almost feels like you have to give up one for the other. While setting your priorities straight usually answers this dilemma, it’s just amazing to realize that there really exists A+ students who strive and thrive in almost every aspect of their lives. #goals

For starters, here’s a quick cheat sheet of how they do it a.k.a. things you should copy ASAP:


Prioritize and make time.

“I list down the things I need to do for the day/week ahead (simply because I easily forget stuff! hehe). Then from there, I create a schedule based on those tasks. One thing I make sure is to strictly follow it kasi if not nagkaka-entropy! Haha. So if I have thesis, workout, date and exam in my list, I distribute it accordingly.” – Gela

This might just be the golden rule of time management: prioritize. And it’s no surprise that students who excel in their academics follow this! With a perpetually busy schedule, your last hope to keep your sanity is being aware of what goes on your plate and when to do what. However, don’t just prioritize tasks—actually make time for each one!

What good are priorities if it’s not accomplished, right? And yes, priorities range from finishing your feasibility study to booking that mani-pedi appointment! #SelfLove



Find your own rhythm.

“I like studying printed handouts because I can highlight keywords or write down important points. I also like studying my own notes, even if the professor already provided a soft copy of his/her presentation. It makes me remember things easily! My strategy is to read and understand everything at night, then scan them the next day. Somehow, it’s also my way of evaluating if okay na ba at naaral ko na nang maayos.” – Rafa

Different students learn differently. Although there are a lot of good study tips out there, always remember that we learn best at our own pace. Find out which setup works for you! Do you feel most productive during mornings? Do you prefer handwritten reviewers than printed handouts? The thing about learning style is, when you find one, studying becomes so much easier and more enjoyable. Think of it as unlocking your brain power!



Seize every learning opportunity.

“I’m a curious, adventurous, risk-taker type of person. Ever since college, hindi na ako tumigil sa paggawa ng mga bagay-bagay na kung saan pwede akong matuto and at the same time, i-discover yung sarili ko. Although, minsan may mga mali rin akong mga desisyon in life pero okay lang, at least natuto at the end of the day. Mahilig akong umattend sa mga seminars, pumunta sa mga nearby communities, makipag-usap sa mga tao, basta anything na may matututunan ako.” – Ed

Trust us when we say, your time as a student is the perfect time to explore and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Students who thrive in college are often characterized as those who are insightful and well-spoken, when in reality, they’re simply those who seize every moment to learn, relearn and unlearn things.

Do you know any workshop coming up? Go for it! Have questions about yesterday’s lesson? Consult with your prof! There’s no harm in asking. At the very least, you’ll learn something new you didn’t know before. Win-win!

studying together


Learn to say no.

“One of the best things I learned in college is that it’s okay to actually say no. Minsan kasi, joke lang madalas pala, I want to do a lot of things for a lot of people- whether it’s acads-related, friends or extracurriculars. But in reality, I can only do so much in a day or a week. When I realized my capacity, it became easier for me to excel in the things I said yes to. Mahirap mag-no sa mga tao but if hindi na talaga kaya, it’s really okay.” – Isabelle

Listen up, it’s okay. While it’s understandably hard to refuse a favor from your bestfriend or an extra credit work from your fave professor, you have to realize that the things you say yes to is just as important as the things you say no to. The last thing you want is to say yes to a dozen people and end up disappointing all twelve because you lost track of your tasks. Be honest! Determine your work capacity and from there, give it your best!



Choose your friends wisely.

“Yung kasama ko sa acads, sila din yung kasama ko sa extracurriculars and everything in between. That way, you don’t have to exert extra effort just to do a lot of things with different people kasi you do the right and fun things with the same people but still enjoy and be productive. So I think it really helps kapag kayo madalas magkakasama kasi you can check on each other’s progress, state and stability.” – Cla

As cliché as it may sound, there’s truth in saying your friends reflect a lot about you. Sure, there are certain stereotypes about #squadgoals that don’t meet reality but A+ students can attest that choosing your friends wisely is a step closer to productivity and better school performance.

Do you have friends who check on you and offer welp with your lab report? It doesn’t have to be group study every day but at least you’ve got buddies who care about your academics because they care about you. #bettertogether



Learning starts long before your professor teaches a lesson, the same way that it doesn’t stop the moment you step out of the classroom. Make learning a lifestyle! Be intentional in looking for ways to improve yourself, in your case, as a student. And just like these five advice, go ahead and ask people who have walked the same path before. Let their experience be your next teacher!

Want more school tips to help you thrive in your College Life? Read more articles like this in the Study Hacks blog section at now!


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