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College Life

  4 mins

Where Should You Study Abroad?

Study Abroad

One of the most important steps at the beginning of your study abroad journey is determining which country of destination to pick. With a long list of countries each having their unique offerings, choosing the best country for you might just be as disfficult as choosing the best course for you. Try ...


  4 mins

How To Have The Best Study Abroad Experience As An Introvert

Zara Carbonell

Every introvert knows that attending social gatherings is nerve-wracking enough. Can you imagine how daunting uprooting your whole life to live in another country can be? Taking on new experiences, learning a new language, adapting to new culture, making new friends – there’s so much goin...

Career Conversations

  5 mins

How To Have Difficult Conversations

Zara Carbonell

Having difficult conversations is something we all wish we could avoid forever. Whether its having to negotiate, break up, or admit to a mistake – dealing with tough talks just makes us want to scream “Dibs, not me!” Unfortunately, having difficult conversations is a natural part of growth. Ev...


  5 mins

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog While Studying

Angel Cruz

Gone are the days when people need microphones or to be up on stage to be heard, to speak up their minds. Thanks to the digital age, we can now hold our own microphones and set up our own stages in the form of blogging. #yassssIf you’re a breathing, living human being (who doesn’t live in a cave), c...