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On habit-stacking and how it can help achieve your goals

Edukasyon News

Do you ever surprise yourself with the things you know? Like let’s say, when you wake up in the morning, how did we know that the next step should be brushin...

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Who am I: Discovering yourself through SWOT, PERMA, and Ikigai

Loreta Arroyo

Life is like a rock: it’s hard, besties! 😭As we grow older, we face more challenges in our academics, more responsibilities in our personal lives, and more ...

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Ready for the Next Round: College Applications

Miguel Ocampo

We’re barely into the second quarter of 2020 and so far, it’s been hard trying to roll with the punches life throws our way. It feels almost like we’re in a ...


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The Perks Of Being A Scholar, Aside From Free Education

Angel Cruz

It’s always been said that the best things in life are free. Do you agree?For students who are #blessed with a scholarship, this truism might just be one of ...

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This Is The Key To Your Childhood Dream Jobs!

Created in Partnership with Created in Partnership with the Enrique Zobel Foundation

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Maybe you loved playing with mommy’s makeup kit and dreamed of enhancing flawsome faces as a makeup artist? Were...

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A Comprehensive Personal Career Development Guide

Miguel Ocampo

Oh if career development only were instant. Click one button, and suddenly—BAM—you’re a CEO, the president, Miss Universe, or whatever you want to be. Though...

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TESDA Authorized Courses in the University of Mindanao

Miguel Ocampo

There are many TESDA-accredited schools in Mindanao, but the University of Mindanao stands out. As a school, it is one of the oldest in the region, and is th...

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Does Studying Abroad Really Improve Your Employability?

Miguel Ocampo

In the Philippines, where the job market is highly competitive and openings are limited, we study so we’d have an advantage when it comes to job-hunting. Edu...