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Generation Zen

  4 mins

6 Ways To Overcome Study Abroad Anxiety During Exam Week

Study Abroad

Exam week can be tough to deal with, especially when you’re studying abroad. Just when you’ve started to feel comfortable living overseas, the pressure of meeting deadlines and passing subjects can build up and overwhelm you. Even worse, you may not have the comfort of being home to ease some of you...

College Life

  4 mins

Let’s Try These Practical Tips On Choosing A College Course

Renee Antaran

Deciding on what college course you should take has got to be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make as a teenager. There are several factors to consider, from deciding on where you want to study, financial aid, and even scholarships available. As long as you plan ahead and are committed...

College Life

  5 mins

Financial Literacy Mistakes that College Students Should Avoid

Belle O. Mapa

Money, money, money. To have it and to misuse it puts such a huge burden on our futures as much as our wallets. We think sometimes that with college comes a little more freedom. But didn’t that overused Spider-Man quote tell us we gotta be responsible, too? That’s why we listed a bunch of these comm...

Edukasyon's Guide To

  6 mins

Preparing for College: 5 Tips From College Graduates

Glenda Orocio

You are about to take a huge step towards a new life chapter. Preparing for college can truly be intimidating. And being clueless on what to expect can make you feel even more anxious.You can find many tips and guides out there, but there’s nothing like good old advice from college ‘survivors’ thems...

College Life

  3 mins

What to Do When You Get Your First Bad Grade in College

Renee Antaran

Going into college, feeling like a fish out of the water, could really make it difficult for you to perform as well as you probably did in high school. You’re adjusting to a new environment, trying to make new friends, finding your own place in the university, and just trying to figure out what coll...