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  5 mins

Online Learning: Keep Up, At Your Own Pace

Julienne Ang

What do Venus Williams, Nelson Mandela, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Shaquille O’ Neal have in common?Yes, all of them are famous and successful, but another t...

College Life

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Own It Online: The Advantages of Online Education

Rayne Aguilar

Just when we thought the world couldn’t possibly get any more mobile, the internet proves us wrong. There’s no need to go out to your favorite restaurant bec...

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  7 mins

To Connect Through Disconnecting: Emily From Minerva Schools On Enjoying Life Without WiFi

Study Abroad

We’re living in such a fast-paced, moment-centered world that the idea of going without WiFi for long periods of time sounds horrible. How else will we stay ...


  4 mins

The 5 Best Courses To Take Through A Distance Learning Program

Winona Sigue

The rise of distance learning education a.k.a. online education has opened up exciting study opportunities in the country. One of the perks of studying onlin...

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  3 mins

How To Get A Bachelor’s Degree Through Distance Learning

Winona Rica L. Sigue

Good news: You can now earn your bachelor’s degree online! Thanks to modern technology and distance learning options, you can already pursue your studi...

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  6 mins

Every Young Pro’s Guide To Online Education

Angel Cruz

More than seven hours.That’s neither the number of sleeping hours you need every night nor the number of working hours you need to put in within a day. That’...


  7 mins

10 Schools Offering Online Courses In The Philippines

Karr Katigbak

Unable to go to college due to lack of money, time, and other constraints? Not all hope is lost! Distance Learning is a method of education that allows you t...