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  1 mins

Find your Edge with Mapua University

Created in Partnership with Mapúa University

Edgy ba kamo? Click the video to see why Mapua can help you find your edge. ...

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  7 mins

Why Mapúa Has the EDGE When It Comes to Online Learning

Created in partnership with Mapúa University

During the last few hours of 2019, we were all excited to bid the year farewell and welcome the new one. After all, we were welcoming not only a new year but...

College Life

  5 mins

Top Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Hans Christian Marin

Engineering might be one of the hardest fields to study, but it belongs among the most in-demand ones. With our increasing reliance on technology, engineerin...

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  6 mins

Travel Log: How I Became an Exchange Student

Created in Partnership with Created in Partnership with Mapúa University

Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! In how many ways can you say “hello”? Alyssa Yvonne Alipis was a typical Mechanical Engineering student from Mapúa University who ...

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  4 mins

Top 5 Chemistry Schools in the Philippines (According to the Licensure Exam Results)

Belle O. Mapa

Do you lab to tinker and experiment with things? Okay, excuse the pun—we just had to put it there. Interested in playing (safely) with fire and ice and all t...

College Life

  4 mins

Major, Major! Four Schools in the Philippines Offering Double Majors

Lis Fortun

Found at least two majors that you want to take but don’t know which one to choose? Or are you looking for a specific course that can offer the best of both ...

Career Conversations

  4 mins

Exploring Engineering Series

Lis Fortun

Shoutout to our engineering students! What comes to mind when you read “engineering”? Do you still have a lot of questions about them? Are you wondering how ...

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  3 mins

Schools in Mindanao Affiliated with Prominent Metro Manila Universities

Angel Domingo

If you’re from Mindanao and want to study in a prominent university in Manila but can’t for various reasons, another way to fulfill this plan is to look for ...