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Why SUTD? 4 Reasons To Study At This Singaporean University

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If you’ve got your sights set on earning a degree overseas, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) could definitely be a contender to make it to your shortlist. Why SUTD? Read on to find out.SUTD has strong ties with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)SUTD first entered a s...

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Taking an MBA Soon? Check Out These Top US Universities

Angel Cruz

So you’re taking an MBA!By this time, we assume you’re already convinced how postgraduate education can help you—both for your personal growth and career development. (If you’re still unsure about taking postgraduate education, ask yourself these 3 important questions!) While the application pr...

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Top 10 Engineering Schools Abroad For Filipino Students

Karl Nicole Nucum

Engineering is such an exciting path. With a wide variety of possible specializations, a degree in engineering offers a number of career opportunities after you graduate. There are many schools in the Philippines that offer this program. But you can expand your options and consider studying abroad. ...

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Top 5 Arts and Design Schools Abroad

Angel Cruz

Draw a straight line.Small circles, big circles.Don’t shade outside the shape.As young as you are, you already have a basic knowledge of arts and design. In fact, don’t you just love creating your own artwork when you were a kid? Ah, flying birds and rolling hills in one stroke! (And you grew up thi...