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  4 mins

AGREE TO DISAGREE: How to Play Nice on Social Media

Created in Partnership with Brainsparks

Social media has taken over our lives as we (unconsciously!) find ourselves browsing through our Facebook feeds and regularly updating our Instagram stories ...


  1 mins

Smart Sessions EP 2: On fighting disinformation

Created in Partnership with Smart

Get ready for another episode of #SmartSessions. #LearnSmart as we discuss on how we can fight disinformation in the age of social media. Visit learn-smart.e...

Generation Zen

  7 mins

5 Practical Ways To Identify Your Skills And Interests For Better Life Decisions

Angel Cruz

“What are my skills and interests?”You probably have asked yourself that question at least once in your life. While some people find it easy to enumerate thi...

Career Conversations

  3 mins

5 Digital Marketing Careers For Tech-Savvy Filipinos

Winona Rica L. Sigue

Digital marketing involves marketing efforts that use electronic devices and the Internet. Today, businesses use search engines, social media, email, and web...


  6 mins

An International Student’s Guide To Networking

Angel Cruz

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” this might just be the perfect tagline for a Networking 101 class. Only if it was being taught in school. #needW...

Career Conversations

  5 mins

Check Out These 8 New Jobs For The Digital Age

Zara Carbonell

If so much can change in a day, imagine all the things that can change in 10 years! With the internet being woven into our daily lives, it’s not just sociali...

Productivity Hacks

  5 mins

How To Keep Technology From Being A Study Distraction

Angel Cruz

Ever imagined going through a day without your phone?Difficult? Yup.Impossible? Nope!Before smartphones and laptops became a thing, life was so much more tha...

College Life

  5 mins

5 Ways You Can Show Off Your School Pride

Angel Cruz

“Where do you study?”It’s interesting how this question is met with different responses from different people. Sure, there’s just one answer: the name of you...