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The heart and soul of Edukasyon lie in the warm smiles of our teams who are passionate about working to make education to careers possible. The well-being and happiness of our employees are central to our mission, and we constantly work with our teams to make this a reality.

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We Work Together for a Good Cause

As a social enterprise, our work is all about achieving great impact and giving back to the community. We are passionate about improving the lives of Filipinos through enabling better educational choices. We help students find the right education for their dream careers by working closely with schools, government agencies, foundations and corporations to create a resource center that is helpful to students. Our teams visit schools and communities for talks with students, teachers and career advocates in promoting career awareness and readiness.

We Nourish Minds

We are a champion for continuous learning and we start with our employees. We offer on-site opportunities for personal and professional development. Whether it's coding, team mentoring with our managers or professional development training, we support employees’ needs in exploring their passion at work.

We Value Work-Life Balance

We support our employees in finding personal fulfillment inside and outside of work.

We provide leave opportunities to employees to spend for those they care about and for celebrating important milestones in their lives. Employees can avail of our apartment facilities which they can enjoy during the weekends or in their vacation time.

Our employees get peace of mind from being able to keep their work within the confines of reasonable office hours. We constantly remind our employees not to bring home their work so that they can take time off for themselves.

We Celebrate Diversity

We are committed to inclusion and diversity. We believe in equality for everyone regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. We recognize the uniqueness of our employees and provide a nurturing workplace where they can grow and realize their full career aspirations.

We Care for Your Wellness

Our employees’ health and well-being are important to us. Our employees have access to a health plan that covers checkups and healthcare services that they can rely on during their time of need. We promote healthy lifestyles from healthy snacks to outdoor activities that make wellness fun at work. Fitness is made even more accessible to our employees through a discounted rate at the superior Treston International College Fitness Center.

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