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How do I find the right scholarship for me?

Scholarships are a great way to fund your education dreams. Here are some things to consider when searching for scholarships:

  • Level/type of study

    Are you applying for SHS? College? Tech-Voc? Determining this will help you narrow scholarships that cover this area of study.

  • Course of study

    What course do you want to take up? Many scholarships only cover certain courses. Knowing which course you want to take up will help you narrow the scholarships that cover that.

  • Financial need

    Many scholarships require proof that your family income is below a certain amount. They want to make sure that they support students who demonstrate the need for economic support. Look at the eligibility and requirements of potential scholarships to determine if you qualify.

  • Academic merit

    Scholarships usually require you to submit your transcript. Scholarships typically support students who have a certain grade point average, and it is usually 85% or above. Your grades are an indicator of your academic ability. Scholarship providers want to be sure that they are supporting a scholar who will be successful through their education. Check the eligibility and requirements of scholarships to determine if you qualify.

  • School acceptance

    Many scholarships are allocated for students in specific programs and schools. You will have to prove that you were accepted into a school and have passed that school’s entrance exam in order to gain certain scholarships. You must apply to the school and pass the entrance exam first and once you’ve been accepted, you can apply for the scholarship. Check the schools and courses that each scholarship supports.

  • Coverage

    Coverage depends on the scholarship. There are full scholarships which cover the full tuition. Although they are full, some will only cover tuition, while others will cover tuition and provide extra money for school supplies and transport. There are also partial scholarships, these will cover a part of your tuition costs.

Scholarships FAQs

  • What kind of scholarships are available?

    There are scholarships for academics, sports, arts and more. Some scholarships cover your full tuition while others only provide an allowance or part of your education costs. Find out more by searching different scholarships.

  • How do I get my scholarship money?

    It varies by scholarships. Some scholarships will pay the school directly, while others may set up a direct bank account for scholars and deposit money on a regular basis. Inquire to your scholarship provider or the school to find out more.

  • What do I need to do to apply for a scholarship?

    You should begin searching for scholarships as early as possible. This will give you plenty of time to find the right scholarships for you and to inquire directly to scholarship providers so that they can answer any questions you have. You may also qualify for more than one scholarship and may apply to multiple scholarships at the same time. Find out which documents you need (transcripts, essays etc) and prepare to submit them. Once you submit your applications, you may be asked to do an interview. Scholarship providers will schedule these directly with you.

  • How long does it take to apply for a scholarship?

    Each scholarship has a different process. If the process involves an interview, it make take up to a month or more from the initial application submission to acceptance. Find out more on each scholarship listing.

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