Ownership Dwellings and Real Estate

Ownership Dwellings and Real Estate

This industry career guide on Ownership Dwellings and Real Estate (ODRE) aims to inform readers of the range of career options that are open to those who want to work in the industry. By presenting an array of occupations typically found in this field, the reader is informed of the basic requirements to job environment and possibilities for job movement either in terms of promotion and/or moving laterally from one type of job to another within the industry. In the context of discussing job prospects, it lays out requirements and job candidates’ skills which typically plague other industries. Lastly, it presents the outlook for the housing industry, underscoring the industry’s likely direction in terms of performance and labor market interface within the next short run cycle, and suggests potential areas of cooperation among the academe, private business sector, and concerned government agencies to ensure a sustainable stream of gainful employment opportunities in the housing industry.



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