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At any age, choosing your course or career may be hard, but we have a tool that can guide you! The Harrison Test measures your job eligibility and suitability to ensure your career success!

Comprehensive and Personalized Results

From careers you'll enjoy to your strengths, they're all here! The test suggests eligible and suitable careers for you, as well as a whole lot of things you should consider to make the right choice!

Tried and Tested Methods

The Harrison Career Test is based on over 30 years of global research on career performance and uses predictive analytics to recommend specific jobs, show your traits, and list possible hindrances!

Career Readiness and Beyond

The Harrison Career Test also helps you prepare for your future career and beyond! Get insights on your traits that need work, strengths to maintain, and qualities that make you the perfect employee!



Find the career you vibe with!

We get it; figuring out what you really want to be when you grow up is hard, but an assessment can definitely make it easier. Learn more about your strengths and points for improvement by taking the TalentMap assessment. The results will help you learn which careers you’re suited for and which skills need strengthening. Not only will you find the best path for you, you’ll also learn more about yourself!

Strengths + Weaknesses = Possible Career Path

The TalentMap assessment not only helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses but applies the results of possible career paths. Win-win!

A Fresh Approach

TalentMap is a new approach to assessing the career competencies of students and the Filipino workforce by using (15) fifteen 21st Century Skills to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and job readiness.

Preps You For The Future

Every Filipino deserves full, decent, and productive employment opportunities. This assessment preps you for that by knowing earlier on your strengths and weaknesses so you’re able to spot the best careers for you!

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