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Make 2021 an opportunity for new beginnings;
join us as we make the future less scary for our students!

Message from our new CEO

There’s always something about ‘firsts’ that makes the moment more special and memorable. 2020 was a story of many firsts for all of us. Difficult kinds of firsts. But the kind of discomfort and challenge we at needed to reinforce our culture of being human, staying humble, and being hungry for excellence.

Our team delivered outstanding firsts in 2020: launching non-traditional learning opportunities for Gen Z at a wider scale together with our key partners, beating our highest financial performance quarter after quarter. For me, it was my first time to become CEO of a team I love, for a cause I love. And together with all these firsts is the courage in our conviction to innovate in the education-technology space. We fought, and continue to fight amid uncertainties so we can make the present and future less scary for our Gen Z youth.

I had the chance to make more personal firsts during the holiday break. It was my first time to celebrate the turn of a new year not being beside my ‘makukulit’ and (too) playful nephews. But it was also a refreshing experience to celebrate the start of 2021 with the nudibranchs and corals of the underwater life in Anilao, Batangas. My initial dives were difficult since I was reacquainting myself with my gears while managing the current and colder water. Thankfully, I had the courage to do more dives and finish the trip. The first dive was a pleasant surprise and the last gave me that sense of fulfillment; not only because I was a lot more comfortable with my equipment but also because I had the chance to calmly view the colorful marine landscape.

With the many successful firsts of #TeamEdukasyon, we would like to start 2021 with the end in full view. We are going to finish this year with even more Gen Z youth pursuing a successful and fulfilling future. And I’m looking forward to recapping this year with that inspiring story together with you, our partners.

Let’s actively make the present and future less scary for our students!

Image by @scubakellda via Instagram

Why Mapúa Has the EDGE When It Comes to Online Learning

Right at the start of 2020, though, news about the novel coronavirus broke out. Months later, COVID-19 has already spread to different parts of the world, causing disruption, panic, and anxiety never seen before.

One step that countries have taken to address this global health crisis is to ban large social gatherings, which naturally includes physical schools and institutions. The government has announced that schools will only reopen once a vaccine for COVID-19 has already been found.

In its place, remote learning has taken on the spotlight.