Imagine learning in the comfort of your own home. At your own pace. We can help with that. We’re taking the classroom online so you can learn new skills anytime, anywhere. Want to explore new interests or even earn a degree? There’s an online course for that.


Build up your skill set, earn degrees, and obtain certificates through an online course!

Find yourself with a great deal of free time

An online course will be less time-demanding compared to a classroom-based course. You will be able to save on transportation time, waiting time, and have more time for family and friends.

Lighten up your financial responsibility

Find yourself free of expenditures on transportation, expensive books, and other educational materials. Reduce your financial burden and learn to take charge of your financial responsibility.

Build a sense of personal responsibility

Learn how to manage your personal responsibilities more maturely with added time management and financial duty—this is an opportunity to build you self-discipline and self-motivation!

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Dahil walang physical classes this school year, let's get creative!

In partnership with Tang, here are courses to help make distance learning happen.

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