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As a parent, when is the best time to reach out to my child to talk about sex?

As the parent, you’ll best know when it is safe to talk to your child. It is highly recommended to start talking about it early with your child and to entertain their questions. This will allow them to create a connection with you and be prudent with their decisions and actions. Here is a relevant article on “Awkward? Paano Kausapin ang Iyong Magulang Tungkol sa Sex”.

At what age is it advisable to have sex?

Having sex requires your consent and that your are knowledgeable about the possible outcomes of having sex. You can check the article on sex readiness, click here to see the article on “Handa Na Ba Ako? 5 Bagay Na Dapat Pag-isipan Bago Makipag-sex”.

How do I convince my parents/other individuals about the importance of SOGIESC?

Wow, thanks for this question! We can only do so much and we have an article about SOGIESC (click here to see the article on The Tea About Equality) that you can share with them. Regardless of what they think, you took action and did your part to share it with them.

I am or someone I know is hesitant to visit a testing center or to get treatment for a suspected/confirmed STI. What should I do?

Getting tested and treated early on reduces health risks. As a patient, you or your friend has the right to privacy. Protect yourself. You can check LoveYourself’s HIV/STI Testing here.

I voiced out to my partner that I do not want to consent to sex, I was understood. How do I help others to do the same when they do not want to consent?

That’s good for you for voicing it out! Sharing what you know to others is one way to help. You can also provide them with the option to access the necessary resources if they ask for it. We have a video on “Let’s Talk About Consent” here, share away!

Is it normal for me to NOT experience some changes in puberty?

What an interesting question! Yes, not all individuals experience the same changes at the same age and not all individuals experience all changes that may be enumerated by professionals. Each body is differently made. You can check the Quest on “Let’s Get Physical” here.

I’m a parent of a minor and I caught my child with contraceptives, what should I do?

Breathe in, breathe out! It may be surprising on your end especially if sex was not discussed within your family. Possession of contraceptives has different perspectives, your child may be using contraceptives for preventive and safe sex or that he/she is curious what it looks like and/or how to use it. It is best to understand their point of view and this is an opportunity to jump off on sex talk. Should you also decide to discuss different contraceptives with your child, here is an article on “Huh? Contraceptives? Ano ‘yon?”

My menstruation pattern seems off, is there something that I can do?

If this is your first year of menstruation, skipping a month may indicate your body adjusting to the changes. However, if it’s beyond 2 years since your first menstruation, a consultation with a professional is highly encouraged.

The content is suitable for which age group?

The content targets audiences from 12 to 22 years old. It also includes parents and/or guardians of these individuals for alignment and encourages communication with their children.

What if my personal and/or family beliefs do not align with the content?

That’s a good question and not a problem! If and when you’re ready to go over the Quests, the materials are available that present facts about sexuality and reproductive health.

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