Private Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA)

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Private Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA)

National Highway, Villasis, Santiago City, Isabela

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Program Level



Financial Aid



About the Scholarship

This program was established through Section 8 of Republic Act No. 8545, otherwise known as the Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) Act.  PESFA offers educational grants to qualified and deserving college freshmen both in degree and non-degree courses. The program seeks to:
  1. extend financial assistance to marginalized but deserving students in post-secondary non-degree courses;
  2. promote TVET;
  3. contribute to the development of a competent skilled workforce; and
  4. assist private institutions in their development efforts by assuring a steady supply of enrollees to their course offerings.

The PESFA directed the beneficiaries on the choices of careers to the critical skills requirements of in-demand jobs in the labor market. It also allows for equitable distribution of the opportunities made available through government subsidies.

Scholarship Benefits:
  • TPESFA scholars shall be entitled to free training cost, student allowance, book allowance, and assessment fee.
  • Student Allowance of P60.00 per day multiplied by the actual number of days for the training program for bundled program. For non—bundled, one qualification only, the nominal duration multiplied by P60.00 per day shall be used in determining the student allowance; and
  • Book Allowance of P2,000.00 for the whole training program (for bundled program) and P500.00 for non-bundled program (for one qualification).
  • The PESFA standard costing for the training cost, student allowance, assessment fee and book allowance for the bundled programs is indicated in Annex A – Schedule of Cost per Bundled Qualifications. 
  •  For non-bundled programs, the standard costing for the training cost, student allowance, assessment fee and book allowance is provided in Annex B – Schedule of Cost by Qualification.
  • Entrepreneurship shall be integrated in the training and shall be at the instance of the TVI.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strictly for Filipinos only
  • Incoming College
  • Any gender

Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Qualification Beneficiaries
The target beneficiaries of the PESFA shall have the following qualifications:
  • Must have completed at least 10 years of basic education;
  • A Filipino Citizen of at least fifteen (15) years old at the start of the training;
  • Have an annual family income of not more than P300,000.00.

Documentary Requirements

The scholar shall submit the following documentary requirements:
  1. Copy of Report Card or Certificate from the previous school where the applicant has completed his/her 10 years of basic education;
  2. Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld for the previous year or Certificate of Exemption from Payment of Income Tax Return issued by Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) or Certificate of Indigency issued by the City/Municipal Mayor or City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (C/MSWDO) or Barangay Captain.


Contact & Location


National Highway, Villasis, Santiago City, Isabela

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