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Private Scholarships

Bustos, Bulacan

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About the Scholarship

Private scholarships grants are financial assistance from private individuals, institutions and organizations administered by the University and offered to poor but deserving students to cover full or partial tuition and other miscellaneous fees.

Except in cases where the benefactors have their own set of criteria for the selection of their grantees, financially disadvantaged students may avail of this scholarship grants, provided they obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 in not less than 15 academic units and with no grade of 3.0 in any subject during the preceding semester. List of Individual and Group Benefactors are available at the SFA office.

Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

​​Application Procedure:
1. Eligibility Criteria:
a.Be currently admitted to Bulacan State University
b.Submit all admission documents
c.Latest Certification of Grades / Form 138
d.Indigent Certificate from Barangay
e.Proof of billing
f. Certificate of Good Moral Character
2. Two types of test to the applicant:
a. Essay Type (essence of scholarship) The essay form of test is to be scored 20 points  maximum, validating such with his/her answering questions.
b.Objective Type (multiple choice academic related questions) The objective type of test is converted into quartile, for a maximum of 20 points each:
Personality - the way with which the applicant carries himself/herself including the confidence and smartness in answering interview questions is to be scored 20 points maximum;
Values - such as humility, sincerity, truthfulness as well as nationalism are discerned and to be scored 20 points maximum;
Reasoning - ability is also checked in some tricky questions such
“What do you intend to do if you‟re given scholarship?” This is also scored 20 points maximum, and
Economic condition - The applicants is rated 20 points maximum as deemed really in need and in consideration of electric bill, number of siblings, home ownership, parent’s occupation among other things.
3. The office shall check the tests and call the applicant for interview to validate what he/she has written on the forms.
4. Grades check: as much as possible not lower than 80% to be considered for endorsement.
5. When all criteria are satisfied, applicants will be endorsed to prospective benefactor(s).
6. If the benefactor approves (after setting own screening criteria), MOA or MOU is worked out together with the listing of approved grantees. These documents will be forwarded to the accounting office.
7. The grantee will be asked to go to the office window to affix the scholarship category info and the amount of grant in his/her COR. He/she then will be advised to go to the accounting office.


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Bustos, Bulacan

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