The MinSCAT Scholarship and Financial Assistantship Program

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The MinSCAT Scholarship and Financial Assistantship Program

Alcate, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

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Program Level



Full Tuition


Php 15,001 - Php 20,000

About the Scholarship

The program will primarily benefit the following groups of students based on the following qualifications:

 Band Member

     Full scholar:
  1. Must be an active member for at least one year and has participated in the major activities of the band.
  2. Must possess superior skills and ability in playing his/her designated musical instrument.
     Partial scholar:
  1. Must be a member of the band for at least one semester.
  2. Must have shown ability/skill in playing his/her designated musical instrument.
  MinSCAT  Dance Troupe and other College Accredited Performing Group Member

     Full Scholar
  1. Must be an active member for at least one year and has participated in major performances of the group such as local, regional, and national competitions.
     Partial Scholar
  1. Must be a member for at least one semester
  2. Must undergo training and has performed at least two major activities of the College.
    Varsity Athlete
     Varsity athlete should meet the Guidelines for the Selection of Athletes (Section to 3.4.3) and Duties of Varsity Athletes (Section 3.4.4 .1) of the Sports Development Program and Guidelines approved by the BOT, Resolution No. 7 s. of 2011.

      Full scholar
  1. Must be Gold medalist (National and Regional Competition)
      Partial Scholar
  1. Must be Silver and Bronze medalist (National and Regional Competition)
 Regular Student – Applicant

       1.    Must have a General Weighted Average of 2.25.
       2.    Must submit Certification of Indigency from respective Barangay.
 Academic Scholars
  1. The qualification standards for application for full and partial college academic scholarship are stipulated in the Student Handbook as approved by the MinSCAT BOT, page 30.
  2. Students who qualified for Full Scholarship and Partial Scholarship will receive a monthly stipend of 500.00 and 300.00 respectively. 

Application Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements


 To be eligible for the MinSCAT Scholarship Program, the following must be met by the applicant: 
  1. Bona fide student of MinSCAT;
  2. Has a regular load per semester as certified by the College Registrar;
  3. Has a good moral character as certified by the Guidance Counselor;
  4. Has passed all of his/her subjects;
  5. Has submitted Certification of Grades duly signed by the College Registrar;
  6. Has no existing scholarship both from private and public agencies; and
  7. Has passed the interview to be conducted by the Screening Committee.


Contact & Location


Alcate, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

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