What's New

Application Status icon
Application Status

You can set the status of each submitted application you received to Unread, Under Review, Accepted, Rejected, Waitlisted or Incomplete.

Login Page icon
Login Page

School Administrators like you now have a dedicated login page on our homepage under Are you a School?

School Page Progress Bar icon
School Page Progress Bar

You can see how complete your school page is out of 100%. Schools with more complete pages have more students viewing and engaging with their page, so don't get left behind!

Notifications for You (in-platform) icon
Notifications for You (in-platform)

When you log into the website , you'll see easily how many unread inquiries and applications you have!

Notifications for You (via email) icon
Notifications for You (via email)

We will also notify you periodically via email, in case you have unread inquiries or applications.

Notification for Students icon
Notification for Students

Similarly, students will be notified in-platform and via email each time you change their application status. No need to write them a separate email if you have no further updates!

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