Scholarship awarded to dependents of military personnel who died or became incapacitated in the line of duty since 21 September 1972.

1. 100% discount on total fees

Terms and Conditions:
1. Must maintain an annual GPA of 2.75 on a minimum load of 15 units per trimester or 18 units per semester
2. No grades below 3.0, D, or UD in any of the enrolled courses during the term
3. Must not be charged with any academic violation
4. Must not be involved in any academic violation
5. Scholarship can be granted for a maximum of 4 years and is subject for renewal every term.


Grade Requirement: At least a GPA of 2.75

Open to all nationalities

Any gender

For any marital status

Any course is allowed


1. Eligibility certificate issued by Philippine Veterans Board
2. Birth Certificate of dependent

1. Approved Application Form (Chairman Approval)
2. Eligibility certificate issued by the Philippines Veterans Boards
3. Birth Certificate of dependent

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