Professional Culinary Arts Studies
Abraham Dumas Colleges of the Philippines

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Course Description

Focusing on the vital skills required of a well-rounded, world-class hotel or commercial chef, this course is comprised of 25 weeks of Professional Culinary Arts Studies. Here,students  will be immersed in all aspects of cooking methods, basic cleaning and sanitation techniques, as well as practical and intangible skills that make all the difference. Students will also learn safe and proper knife skills; butchery; how to make a variety of soups, stocks and sauces; international cuisines and cooking applications; basic baking; garde manger; breakfast cookery; and outlet and restaurant operations.


  • Twenty five (25) weeks inclusive of 300 hours internal OJT 
  • plus 300 hours external OJT 
  • Monday-Friday; Five (5) hours a day

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