ADL Merit Scholarships
Academia De Lipa

Partial Tuition


We support students of academic merit to pursue quality education at Academia de Lipa by offering generous scholarship opportunities.

Mechanics for Merit Scholarship Grant:

  1. The applicant must be eligible to receive a form of government-funded subsidy, e.g. Vouchers or ESC.
  2. The applicant must have no grades below 75 in any subject from the last school year attended.
  3. All applications for scholarship will be deliberated upon by the Scholarship Program Committee.
  4. When granted, the scholarship may only include a percentage of tuition, miscellaneous, and other school fees (OSF). It does not include textbooks, uniforms, and joining fees for optional student activities such as field trips, prom, retreats.
  5. The scholar must comply with all admission requirements for the incoming school year.
  6. The scholar must maintain a passing grade in all of his/her subjects while studying in Academia de Lipa to keep the scholarship. Otherwise, the scholarship grant may be revoked.


Application Procedure:

  1. Candidate must first pass the Academia de Lipa Admission Test.
  2. Once the required grade is attained, the candidate must complete the following:
    • Submitted and completed Scholarship Application Form
    • Photocopy of report card year from the last school year attended
    • Committee’s Interview with the candidate with one of his/her parents.
  3. Documents filed in support of this application become the property of Academia de Lipa and will not be returned to the candidate.

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