Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
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5 years
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Course Description

Chemical Engineering is a five-year degree program offered by the Chemical Engineering department that is concerned with the study, development and application of:
Unit Operation - the physical operation by which a desired step in an industrial process is controlled and conducted; and
Unit Process - the chemical changes involved in the transformation of raw materials into useful products to improve the quality of life.

Integrated in this program is the Chemical Engineer's accountability for the efficient and effective use of methods and national resources, the safeguards to preserve the environment, and the ethical aspects of the profession with respect to the economic and industrial development of the country and service to people, especially the poor. The first two years are concerned with the basic knowledge and skills related to the profession. 

This includes Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Basic Engineering Sciences. The last three years are directed toward the development of professional skills which include basic knowledge and application of transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and kinetics. The processes of evaluation, planning, designing, preparation of specifications and cost estimates, operation and management industrial plants are an important component of the program.

All these are integrated in "Plant Design and Project Study" a course where students make study on the manufacture of a particular product including its marketing, technical, and financial aspects. Since Engineering is basically a group effort, the capabilities to work individually as well as the ability to work effectively as part of a team are also developed. Towards the end, the laboratory program is carried on by small groups to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. Plant visits, seminars, and other fora are undertaken to provide concrete application of theories and principles learned. The ethical principles of the profession are integrated in the program. 

Specific Objectives
To inculcate to the students the Love of God and the proper values and attitudes needed to attain the highest and ethical standards.
To produce technically trained professionals who could provide the needed expertise in the development and upliftment of chemical industry in the country.
To promote the development of new techniques that could tap the efficient utilization of indigenous raw materials.

Career Opportunities: Patent specialist * Plant manager * Process design engineer * Plant process engineer * Process safety engineer * Quality control engineer * Biomedical specialist * Research and development engineer 

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