Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Adamson University

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5 years
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Course Description

Civil Engineering is one of the pioneer engineering disciplines in the history of mankind. In the University, it is offered by the Civil Engineering Department as a five-year degree program designed to apply the principles and concepts of the course in the planning, design, construction, and research associated with community growth and development. The major areas of study include hydraulics, sanitation, structures, and transportation. The program includes inter-disciplinary modules which direct the creative application of engineering principles to the emerging challenges and problems consequent to advances in technology and the developments in the community. Technical knowledge and experiences are enhanced by courses in the humanities and social sciences in order that the student can gain knowledge and skills in critical thinking, problem identification and analysis, and decision making within the context of the ethical aspects of the profession.

Finally, a functional relationship with the industry is achieved through the use of laboratory and field equipment, seminars, plant visits, and a guided exchange of ideas in current professional theories and practices. 

Specific Objectives

To inculcate moral discipline among students, anchored on the foundation of Vincentian charism in order to prepare them to become productive citizens and good members of society.
To apply the principles and concepts of the course in planning, design, construction, and research.
To enhance understanding of the various subject areas of Civil Engineering and provide students with advances computer training so as to produce graduates ready to work in a more challenging society.
To continuously upgrade the existing curriculum and improve the laboratory facilities so that the graduates can be globally competetive.
To develop the faculty members by providing scholarships and training in order for them to keep pace with fast-changing technology.
To develop Civil Engineering modules for community growth and development.
To encourage both Civil Engineering faculty members and students to be deeply involved in Research and Development in Civil Engineering.

Career Opportunities: Site/field engineer * Construction contractor * Construction manager * Project manager * Hydraulic engineer * Water resource consultant * Transport and Highway engineer * Geotechnical consultant * Quantity engineer/estimator

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