Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
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5 years
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Course Description

Computer Engineering is a five-year degree program that deals with the study of computer systems. The curriculum covers both software and hardware and develops the student's ability to analyze computer systems, designs, construction of electronic equipment and its peripherals. Since computer science is directed to the theory and technology of computation, the curriculum does not specialize along traditional lines that divide hardware and software, systems and applications, or theory and experiment. Rather, a unified approach to the design and analysis of computers and of computing structures is employed. This background prepares the student for placements as computer engineers in government industry. It also qualifies them for related job with computer manufacturers and consulting firms as systems programmers as well as application programmers with scientific, research, and business organizations. The ethical considerations with respect to the profession is an important component of the program of study. 

General Objectives
To prepare the graduates for professional Computer Engineering careers including leading roles in the design, analysis and applications of computing structures that involve hardware, software or both. The graduates must have a strong foundation in the basic physical and engineering sciences and should consider the social economic and financial significance of their products or the applications of their technical expertise. 

Specific Objectives

Graduates of the Computer Engineering Program must be prepared for planning, designing, developing, managing and maintaining computer systems.
Graduates of the Computer Engineering Program are expected to be environmentally conscious.
Graduates of the Computer Engineering Program must be knowledgeable on intellectual property rights.
Graduates of Computer Engineering Program must be knowledgeable on human, financial and physical resource management.
The graduate of the Computer Engineering Program must be a total engineer utilizing his knowledge of arts, sciences and engineering concepts
Graduates of the Computer Engineering Program must be prepared for graduate work and research in at least one of the computer engineering fields.

Career Opportunities: Project engineer/manager * Network/systems administrator * Data communications engineer * Systems manager * System analyst * Technical support  engineer * Computer hardware entrepreneur 

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