Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Adamson University

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5 years
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Course Description

Electrical Engineering Department, directed towards the study of the generation, transmission, control, and utilization of electrical and electromagnetic energy. The first two years of the curriculum give the student the basic knowledge and skills on social sciences, the humanities, and the basic technical requirements of the course. It also provides opportunities to develop skills in critical thinking, problem identification and analysis and design of electric power systems, equipment systems, communication and control systems. In addition, basic knowledge on the transmission and processing of information is also integrated. This broad spectrum of subjects provide challenging opportunities for career-related placements in industry. The practical aspects of the course are enhanced by plant visits, conferences, seminars, and research activities.

Specific Objectives

In line with the University Vision and Mission and in consonance with the objectives of the College of Engineering, the following are the objectives of the Department of Electrical Engineering:
To implement faculty development programs in order to infuse and equip the department attune to the latest development in instruction.
To develop and expand the academic programs by upgrading the existing curriculum in order to develop the student's knowledge, skill, habit, and attitude.
To improve the laboratory facilities and introduce new teaching devices, methods, and procedures.
To educate the students in the service oriented profession to make them responsible members and leaders of the community in line with the Catholic Vision and Mission of the University.

Career Objectives: Electrical engineer * Analysts * Researcher * Project designer * Reliability engineer * Entrepreneur * Project consultant 

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