Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
Adamson University

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5 years
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Course Description

The program, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering, is designed to provide graduates with an education in the fundamentals of electronics engineering that will allow them to be immediately competitive in industry or in graduate work while providing them with the best opportunity for achieving their full potential during their lifetime. The graduates will also develop a sense of professional responsibility and social awareness. The program provides practical applications as evidenced by laboratory, design, project study, computer exercises and practicum courses that prepares graduates to work well whether independently or as part of a group. 
Graduates of the Electronics Engineering program are prepared to immediately set up a career or practice the profession related to Broadcasting; Telecommunications;  Semiconductor Device Fabrication/Manufacturing;  Electronics Design;  Computer Systems;  Instrumentation and Telemetry;  Automation, Feedback, Process Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics; Industrial Electronics; Signal Processing; Optics; and Medical/Biomedical Electronics.

Specific Objectives
To produce God loving Electronics and Communications Engineering students uphold Filipino values and earned with scientific and technological skills.
To upgrade the education qualifications of Electronics and Communications Engineering Faculty members.
To improve existing industry-academe linkage for an actual technology transfer.
To provide continuous adaptation of laboratory requirements patterned to the trends of industrial advancement.v

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