Bachelor of Science in Geology
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5 years
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Course Description

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Geology is a five-year course that aims to provide students with a comprehensive training in various fields of Geology such as History of the Earth, Identification, Classification and Designation of various Rocks and Fossils Formations. Emphasis is given to the study of the Earth's Deformation such as Folds, Faults and Joints, Mineral Exploration and Development, Economic Geology, Petroleum Exploration, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Peleontology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, and Environmental Geology.

Geologic Mappings are essential components of this course. It includes conducting researches and studies of the Earth Sciences, developing a consciousness on the role of the Earth Scientist in the conservation, protection, and management of the Earth's natural resources and other factors that contribute to improving the quality of life on Earth.

The program allows the students to choose Geology electives to enhance knowledge in specific areas. Fieldwork is given emphasis and the students are required to take a Field Geology Practice for two summer months in any of the local Geological exploration companies. Geologic field mapping using the high technological Geographical Information System (GIS) is given emphasis as proof of the student's ability to conduct an independent Geological investigation.

Career Opportunities: Geologist * Environmental safety and impact consultant  * Risk assessment expert * Geoscientist * Urban planning consultant 

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