Bachelor of Science in Information System
Adamson University

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3-4 years
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Course Description

B.S. Information System 
Prepares students to be IT professionals and be expert on design and implementation of IS for business processes.
• To produce future managers who possess the discernment and virtue to effectively assume interpersonal, informational and decisional roles 
• To equip the students with the knowledge and skill to ensure that all technological resources in any organization are properly kept and maintained 
• To develop the students competency in performing the new generation's managers in the knowledge-based era 
• To design a curriculum that will assure a student's strong foundation in learning and adjusting to the continuously evolving field of Information System 

Career Opportunities: Business process analyst * Data quality specialist * Entrepreneur * Systems analyst or auditor * Quality assurance analyst * Systems implementation officer * Technical support specialist * Information analyst * Information system and application developer * IT manager * Interactive media technologist 

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