Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Adamson University

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5 years
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Course Description

Mechanical Engineering is a five-year degree program concerned with the art and science of generating, transmitting, and utilizing mechanical and heat power. Since the Mechanical Engineer's services are needed practically by all industries, the curriculum provides opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding of the different of the different types of machines with respect to their design, construction, operation, and functions. 

The first two years of the program provide a balanced academic foundation for acquiring the basic knowledge and skills for the course including computer fundamentals. It also develops skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making which is an important preparation for responsible and effective practice of the profession. The last three years are concerned with professional development in the understanding of the different elements of machine and their kinetics. 

This entails further study of Machine Design, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Power Plants and Combustion, and Basic Nuclear Engineering. To make these studies responsive to career opportunities, the industrial aspects of the profession are also taken up. These include industrial plant design, production, sales management, operations, research, and development. Finally, the students development is enhanced by plant visit, seminars, and conferences that are discussed within the context of the ethical dimensions and developments of the profession. 

General Objectives
To inculcate in the students not only the Love of God and country but also the highest moral and ethical standards of behavior.
To develop the student's creativity, resourcefulness, and leadership.
To offer Computer Applications in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
To continuously upgrade the Mechanical Engineering curriculum in order to be globally competitive.
To implement an effective faculty development program in order to keep abreast in the fast-changing technology.
To utilize faculty expertise for relevant community -oriented projects and activities.
To encourage both Mechanical Engineering faculty members and students to do research and development projects in Mechanical Engineering.
To enhance student-faculty interaction

Career Opportunities: Automotive design engineer * Mechatronics consultant * Research engineer * Plant manager * Robotics and automation engineer * Techno-entrepreneur * Design, production, operations, research and development

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