P.D. 451 (Poor But Deserving Students)
Arellano University (Plaridel Campus)

Full Tuition


This is granted to students who show sufficient proof of financial incapacity but who are otherwise academically proficient. This is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, with total recipients not exceeding the annual allocation as determined by the AU Vice President for Finance, but not to exceed the ratio of one scholar for every 500 students. To qualify, students must show convincing proof of hardship and financial insufficiency. To continue qualifying for the privilege, the student must not have any failing grade or dropped subject at any time while enjoying the privilege. Failure in any one subject automatically cancels this privilege. The student is also expected to complete his studies within the period prescribed in the curriculum. Students still in residence beyond the normal period prescribed in the curriculum are disqualified.

Note: The scholarship is for 100 percent of tuition only. Miscellaneous fees will be assessed and collected upon enrolment.


Strictly for Filipinos only

Incoming College

Any gender

For any marital status

Any course is allowed

Any course is allowed


  • parent's income tax return
  • certification of grades
  • enrolment and residency issued by the school registrar
  • statement describing the personal circumstances of the applicant
Note: The school may require further documentation as it deems necessary.


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