P.D. 577 (Dependents of AFP Personnel Who Died in Line of Duty)
Arellano University (Plaridel Campus)

Full Tuition
Needs-based, Context-based


This scholarship is granted to children of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who died in line of duty. To continue qualifying for the privilege, the student must not have any failing grade or dropped subjects at any time while enjoying the privilege. The Vice President for Finance shall establish an annual quota, to be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Failure in any one subject automatically cancels this privilege. The student is also expected to complete his studies within the period prescribed in the curriculum. Students still in residence one year beyond the normal period prescribed in the curriculum are disqualified.


Strictly for Filipinos only

Incoming College

Child of government employees

Any gender

For any marital status

Any course is allowed

Any course is allowed


-death certificate of parent
-certification from the school registrar regarding residency and year level status

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