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3-4 years

Course Description

The mission of APNTS is to prepare men and women for Christ-like leadership and excellence in ministries. At a high degree, the Doctor of Ministry fulfills this mission. The D.Min. is an advanced, professional theological degree intended for practitioners of ministry who desire to be more effective in their calling and context of ministry. Its aim is to integrate theory and practice. The focus is in an Asia-Pacific context. Readings, discussions with mentors and peers, and, finally, a major project related to the student’s ministry, readies faithful pastors and other church leaders for the challenges of the twenty-first century church. The Doctor of Ministry draws upon the resources of APNTS—especially its faculty. As a program of APNTS, the Doctor of Ministry is committed to revitalizing Wesleyan perspectives. With these perspectives come the resources of the whole catholic church. The D.Min. seeks no less than to be a catalyst for renewal within the Church primarily through its practicing ecclesial church ministers and leaders.

Doctor of Ministry students reflect upon the practices of ministry from biblical, historical and theological perspectives. Out of the deep resources of Wesleyan-grounded paradigms they reflect upon the work of the Church and its mission in the world. They will see ways in which their ministry flows from their understandings of the Missio Dei and develop ways in which their ecclesial leadership may more adequately and authentically flow from a Wesleyan ecclesiology. The goal is for the student’s ministry to be enhanced and enriched by study, discussion, mentorship and research. The student should grow in knowledge and spirit, and such growth should be evident in ministry practice. 

The primary purpose of the Doctor of Ministry is to provide continuing education for practicing ministers. The D.Min. is not intended to prepare graduates for academia or academic positions. The Doctor of Ministry is offered in consultation with the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST), Philippines. The APNTS Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Ministry is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines.

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