(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years

Course Description

The Graduate Diploma programs aim to train men and women for ministry who either do not have the opportunity or need to pursue the normal seminary degrees of M.Div., M.A., or M.S.T. These certificates and diplomas focus upon preparing lay leadership for the church, but some full-time church workers may find this course appropriate for their needs. A bachelor’s degree from a recognized or approved institution is required for entrance.  The minimum pre-seminary studies required for M.Div. and M.A. and M.S.T. students, however, are not required. Thirty (30) credit units – ten subjects – are required for the Graduate Diploma.  The Graduate Diploma could be completed in one school year or one school year plus summer modules.

Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry
The Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry provides a vocational diploma for ministers or laypersons desiring foundational studies in Christian ministry, and constitutes a good core of subjects for the continuing education of ministers who have already served in the field.

Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies
The Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies, which can be accomplished in one year, is aimed to prepare missionaries, or to provide continuing education for missionaries who have already served on the field.

Graduate Diploma in Holistic Child Development
The Graduate Diploma in Holistic Child Development sharpens the skills of practitioners dealing with children at risk and in crisis, and prepares students for further graduate work.

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