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Course Description

The PhD in HCD is a multi-year, inter-disciplinary, research-oriented degree that builds on an earned master's degree. Graduates of the PhD in HCD will be prepared to teach, to lead specialized ministries for children, and to engage in intensive and original research. It is intended for those who are or will be high-level practitioners and for those who are leaders or administrators of ministries with children.

Program Mission
This program exists to equip leaders, teachers, child advocates, practitioners, and pastors who have the gifts, skill, and capacity to care holistically for children inside and outside the church.

Program Vision
The program envisions equipping leaders and churches with the ethos and mindset for holistic ministry with children.

Program Values
The program functions on the following values:
o Christ-centered education. Program participants are always led to the realization that in ministering to children, Jesus Christ reigns supreme and that every child will be led to a personal relationship of Jesus
o Holistic approach to ministering to, for, and with “the least of these” (Mark 9:37). A holistic approach treats the physical, emotional, and social needs of children as well as the spiritual. The Bible says, “So Jesus grew both in height and in wisdom, and he was loved by God and by all who knew him,” (Luke 2:52, NLT). The curriculum will take into consideration various aspects of child development for holistic ministry.
o Intentional and strategic intervention for children in crisis and at risk. Program participants will be challenged to engage Bible-based, professional and relevant interventions that would enable children to grow up in the fear and knowledge of the Lord so they, too, can minister to others including their families, friends, and others around them.
o Learning for life contexts. Classroom interactions are always culture sensitive and instruction, scholarly research, and major projects will always be geared towards various areas of ministries with children.
o Developmental orientation. Attention will be given to development theories and processes within a biblical framework and their implications to ministry. This is intrinsically related to the concept of the individual worth of each child and the value of giving every child respect and consideration.

Program Emphases
The PhD in HCD is designed to meet the need of the church and society for competent child advocates, practitioners, and educators. Upon completion of the program the students will have developed the following competencies:
o Leadership Competence – as well-informed, passionate and skilled leaders of graduate level and/or grass-roots ministry with children inside and outside the church.
o Children in Crisis Ministry Competence - as creative resource persons for ministering with children in crisis in the AsiaPacific and beyond.
o Competence as Educators - as effective teachers or mentors in issues related to children in crisis and at risk.
o Research Competence – as scholarly, competent, and strategic researchers on issues relating to children and towards transformation of society in general
o Communication Competence – as effective communicators of the Gospel with children and their families and to speak or write for children and their welfare

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