Diploma in Hospitality Management
Asian School of Hospitality Arts

PHP 12,500 (Per Term)
1-2 years

Course Description

The hotel and restaurant industry is in need of managers and supervisors who understand not only the skills and operational requirements of an establishment but also the skills needed to effectively plan, lead, organize and control resources to ensure that the company as a whole achieves its objectives.
The Asian School of Hospitality Arts now offers a course that focuses not only on skills needed in hotel and restaurant operations but also includes an intensive course on business management that will hone students to become effective hotel and restaurant managers upon graduation.
DHM is a two-year course that starts with skills needed in the operation of a hotel and restaurant (Front Office, Housekeeping, Bartending, F&B, Banquet, Barista and Professional Cooking), and then moves on to experiential courses in advance management such as Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Development and Management Accounting enabling each graduate to immediately take on higher levels of responsibility.

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