Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Australian Catholic University

(Tuition fee is not stated)
1-2 years

Course Description

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) is available for high-achieving students who have completed a relevant Pass Bachelor degree offered by the Faculty of Education and Arts or equivalent at another institution. Aside from expanding your knowledge in a specialised area, an Honours degree will give you an edge in an increasingly competitive job market. You will build on your knowledge in your chosen major area of study through research, analysis and communication skills. Undertaking an Honours year is also an important step for those who want to become an academic or a professional researcher. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) students will: build on the knowledge and skills they gained in their undergraduate degree develop advanced research techniques appropriate to their chosen field of study prepare an Honours thesis, or creative project with exegesis/dissertation, along with coursework units appropriate to the field of study of the thesis. be equipped to pursue further postgraduate study. For more information, please check out their official website here:

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