Bachelor of Theology
Australian Catholic University

(Tuition fee is not stated)
3-4 years

Course Description

Framed by the Catholic intellectual tradition, this course introduces students to the richness and breadth of theological scholarship. Students can pursue an in-depth program of study in biblical studies, systematic theology, ministry, liturgy, ancient languages and philosophy. Students can also undertake units in other disciplines, such as in the liberal arts. Through the community engagement component of this degree, students are offered the opportunity to explore Christian theology in a range of contemporary settings, including Indigenous and international. Global experience is also encouraged as part of students’ learning, with study abroad opportunities available at the ACU Rome Centre, with one of our partner institutions in Europe or the United States, or in Israel with a study tour. Students develop a wide range of adaptable skills, including an enhanced capacity to analyse, critically reflect, evaluate, and to bring ethical perspectives to life and work. Students also develop their communication skills; the capacity to evaluate and discriminate between multiple viewpoints, and to develop and articulate compelling arguments (both orally and in writing). "For more information, please check out their official website here:

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