Upperclassmen Academic Scholarship
Cebu Institute of Technology University

Partial Tuition
Application Closed:
August 11, 2018


The OAS prepares and announces the names of students who will qualify for this scholarship at the start of every semester. The Registrar’s Office provides the OAS the report on the Grade Average of the students every semester.
Category                          Grade Average               Scholarship Privilege
Presidential Scholar          4.860 – 5.000
Top 1-3                                                                     Free All
Top 4-up                                                                   75% Discount on TOTAL FEES
College Scholar                 4.700 – 4.859
Top 1-10                                                                   Full Tuition Discount
Top 11-up                                                                 75% Tuition Discount
Department Scholar
Top 50 of those w/ a grade average of 4.500 - 4.699     50% Tuition Discount


  • CIT students with at least one semester residence
  • Must have an academic load of not less than 18 units in the previous semester (excluding ROTC/NSTP/bracketed subjects)
  • Minimum grade of 4.2 for College Scholars, 4.5 for Presidential Scholars except in ROTC/NSTP and/or PE subjects.
  • No NC or failing mark in the previous semester

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