Center for Asian Culinary Studies, Inc. - Manila

PHP 48,000 (Per Term)
Less than a year

Course Description

Let this course be your introduction into the world of baking and pastries.
This 15 session, hands-on course where all students will learn the necessary methods, skills and techniques for proper baking of pastries, cakes, breads and a lot more.
This sessions cover all areas of baked products; cookies, pies, meringues, cream puffs, laminated dough's, puddings, cheesecakes, lean & rich breads using the latest & specialized equipment's & ovens. A session of plated desserts will also be part of this program.
This course will be taught by CACS pastry head instructor Chef JunJun de Guzman and his faculty who have been teaching for the past 8 years. It will also include a session in modern methods of baking which is used extensively now. Two sessions of workshop for review & request of other baked products is also part of the course.
Session 1:          Hygiene and Sanitation,Baking Ingredients, Methods and Equipments
Brownies and Muffins
Session 2:  Cookies
Session 3:   Butter Cakes and Coffee Cakes
Session 4:          Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Pate Brisee, Pate Sucre, Pate Sable
Session 5:  Pies and Tarts
Session 6:  Meringues
Session 7:          Sponge and Chiffon Cakes
Session 8:  Yeast Breads:  Rich
Session 9:          Yeast Breads:  Lean
Session 10:  Laminated Doughs
Session 11: Custards / Puddings/ Cheesecakes
Session 12: Plated Desserts
Session 13: Modern Methods in Baking
Session 14: Baking Workshop
Session 15:  Baking Workshop

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