Professional Asian Cuisine Program
Center for Asian Culinary Studies, Inc. - Manila

PHP 160,000 (Per Term)
Less than a year

Course Description


This in-depth and comprehensive hands-on Asian program is the product of restaurant and traditional favorites from chefs who have specialized in each of the cuisines. These Asian techniques are specialized per country, taking only the most essential and useful to even non-Asian cuisines.
This 38-day, intensive and hands-on after-work program is for the experienced culinary student and restaurateur, it’s wide range of techniques prepares the professional for the challenges in the fast growing branch of Asian cuisine in the International Food and Beverage industry. At the end of the program, you will have the proper Asian cooking skills that vary per country as well as over 150 Asian recipes from the different countries and regions covered!

*Asian Cuisine Fundamentals Module (4 days)
*Chinese Restaurant Cookery Module (5 days)
*Japanese Restaurant Cookery (4 days)
*Vietnamese Restaurant Module (4 days)
*Thai Restaurant Cookery Module (5 days)
*Korean Restaurant Cookery Module (3 days)
*Indonesian / Malay / Singaporean Restaurant Cookery (4 days)
*Filipino Restaurant Cuisine with Advanced Techniques Module 8 (3 days)
*Menu Planning / Tea Appreciation, Buffet Preparations, Asian Legacy Buffet (3days)

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