Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Central Colleges of the Philippines

(Tuition fee is not stated)
5 years
Response rate: 63.8%
Response time: Typically replies within two weeks
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Course Description

The College of Accountancy is committed to provide quality education in preparing its students become technically competent, morally upright, ethically responsible, socially-oriented, and globally competitive. It is a five year course that would prepare the students to become successful accountants and equipped them with skills in entering a business environment that is characterized by advances in technology and global competitiveness.

Specific Objectives

  • To equip the students with the skill vital in rendering quality services as accountants;
  • To provide students with the proper background to meet the ever-changing demands of the local and global business community;
  • To inculcate in the students moral and ethical value critical in their field of specialization; and
  • To prepare the students become self-sufficient and self-reliant professional members of society.

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