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Course Description

The School of Accountancy and Management recognizes the interrelationship of various fields in Accountancy and Business, and the value of exercising integrity in pursuit of excellence and success. The School produces highly skilled, creative thinking individuals who are passionate about the accountancy profession and business and development, and equipped with the knowledge, determination, and experience to lead in the Philippines and in the world.
Rigorous academic preparation and exposure to partner companies and professional organizations instill values and indispensable lessons in our students. They interact with local and international firms, exposed as they are to various types of businesses and industries, such as manufacturing, service, merchandising, finance, etc. The program calls for students to work closely with seasoned practitioners from whom they learn valuable methods, disciplines and details through intensive and constantly updated training in their respective fields. They develop expertise enhanced by local practice and global awareness.
Graduates of the School of Accountancy and Management have been making their mark of leadership and performance in their respective fields, both local and international.

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy prepares the student for entry into a wide range of careers such as government service, business management, financial services and postgraduate study in accounting and other related areas. The program is an essential requirement for public accounting after the CPA licensure examination.

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy aims to:
  1. provide to comprehensive knowledge, and critical awareness of the main ideas, concepts, models, principles in accounting;
  2. develop skills in preparing financial and management-related reports that are in accordance with the International Reporting Standards;
  3. develop skills in the field of quality assurance and auditing in accordance with the International Auditing Practice;
  4. cultivate reportorial and communication skills specifically in the field of business and accounting;
  5. cultivate skills in quantitative analysis through the use of standard mathematical and statistical techniques and their application to accounting, finance, and business management problems;
  6. fortify skills in team working, information handling, use of information technology and skills for life-long learning; and 
  7. equip student with life and career skills.
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Program Outcomes
Upon completion of the 5-year degree program, the graduate is expected to have the ability to:
  1. demonstrate knowledge of physical, social, natural sciences, humanities and management sciences applicable in the field of accounting;
  2. provide safe, appropriate, systematic and ethical financial reports necessary for economic decision-making using the accounting process;
  3. integrate technology knowledge, principles, and theories from other disciplines necessary to solve business problems; 
  4. apply guidelines and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the preparation of financial reports for all forms of business organization;
  5. preparation of financial reports for all forms of business organization;
  6. practice accountancy profession in accordance with existing, laws, legal, ethical, and moral principles;
  7. document and judiciously communicate on client information , on financial position, on results of operation and all forms of management required reports;
  8. perform excellently in the global community through an in-depth knowledge of culture and language;
  9. work effectively in teams, in collaboration with other professionals;
  10. practice effective management and leadership skills in the delivery of accounting and management advisory services;
  11. conduct social science and business research using suitable scientific methods and design;
  12. participate in life-long learning to keep the profession abreast with the current national and international developments, issues and trends in accounting, business and management;
  13. analyse, synthesize and interpret to provide meaningful conclusions and recommendations for decision makers;
  14. work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  15. specialized business management knowledge in each applicable field and at the same time apply that knowledge in solving actual business management-related problems and situations’ and
  16. attain knowledge of relevant contemporary issues.
Course Requirements & Employment Opportunities: SAM Course RequirementsSAM Employment Opportunities

The School of Accountancy and Management is dedicated to a tradition of commitment towards the formation of competent, socially responsible, spiritually integrated, and globally competitive accountants and business professionals

For inquiries, you may contact:

Prof. Melito S. Salazar
Dean, School of Accountancy & Management
2nd Flr. DCTH
Centro Escolar University
9 Mendiola St.,
San Miguel, Manila City
(+63)2 735-94-43 loc. 213

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