Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
Centro Escolar University - Manila

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Course Description

Undergraduate Program:

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
Established in 1960, the School of Medical Technology was the first of its kind in the country. It has molded medical technologists with intensive and updated training provided by the most seasoned practitioners, and enhanced with the most modern laboratory equipment and resources.
The CEU School of Medical Technology trains students in the performance of laboratory test procedures and analyses used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of disease and the maintenance of health. The program focuses on the use of modern equipment and the performance of scientific techniques in the administration of the full spectrum of Medical Technology services required in modern health care. At the end of a four-year course, students demonstrate competencies in scientific research, methods and processes, having acquired skills in instrumentation, laboratory diagnosis, methodology and life-saving procedures. They manifest as well wholesome values and attitudes which enable them to be able to contribute to the overall social, mental, physical, health,  and environmental concerns of the community, of the country, and of the world.

Specifically, the program aims to:
  1. Develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures needed to help the physician in the proper diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of diseases;
  2. Develop skills in critical and analytical thinking to advance knowledge in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science and contribute to the challenges of the profession;
  3. Develop leadership skills and to promote competence and excellence; and
  4. Uphold moral and ethical values in the service of society and in the practice of the profession
Course RequirementsMedTech Course Requirements

Job Opportunities:
  • Analyst in clinical laboratory
  • Analyst in drug testing laboratory
  • Analyst in pharmaceutical company, veterinary clinic, food company, cosmetic clinic and fertility clinic.
  • Researcher in clinical/educational/diagnostic institutions
  • Professional product specialist in manufacturing/marketing/sales companies
  • Academician and health educator
  • Geneticist
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Forensic technologist
For inquiries, you may contact:

Dr. Charito M. Bermido
Dean,School of Medical Technology
3rd Flr. Generosa de Leon Science Center
Centro Escolar University
9 Mendiola St.,
San Miguel, Manila City
(+63)2 735-6861 to 71 loc. 217
(+63)2 735-9404

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