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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

#9 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila

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Undergraduate Program
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Centro Escolar University established the School of Nursing in June 1975 with the program Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is to answer the demand for committed and better qualified nurses to meet the health needs of the Philippine society in both urban and rural orientations. It has a well-planned academic and professional activities and experiences to provide students with opportunities to be involved in rendering total quality nursing care to people in various settings: hospitals, community and other related agencies.

The CEU School of Nursing has prepared students to become outstanding registered nurses by providing them with a strong foundation in natural and social science, and a deep understanding of patient care in various settings and conditions. Students learn the value of caring as a profession and serve as a role model for caring for others.
CEU School of Nursing students are trained to lead. They acquire relevant principles and practices as they serve in various tertiary hospitals and communities during their Related Learning Experience (RLE). Students develop a caring behavior, a strong concept of social responsibility, caring, critical thinking, and self- discipline.

The BSN program aims to produce a fully functioning nurse who is able to perform the three roles of the entry level nurse:
  1. Beginning Nurse’s Role on Client Care
Responsibility 1: Practices in accordance with legal principles and the code of ethics in making personal and professional judgment
Responsibility 2: Utilizes the nursing process in the interdisciplinary care of clients that empowers the clients and promotes safe and quality care
Responsibility 3: Maintains complete and up to date recording and reporting system
Responsibility 4: Establishes collaborative relationship with colleagues and other members of the team to enhance nursing and other health care services
Responsibility 5: Promotes professional and personal growth and development
  1. Beginning Nurse’s Role on Management and Leadership
Responsibility 1: Demonstrates management and leadership skills to provide safe and quality care
Responsibility 2: Demonstrates accountability for safe nursing practice
Responsibility 3: Demonstrates management and leadership skills to deliver health programs and services effectively to specific client groups in the community setting
Responsibility 4: Demonstrates ability to lead and supervise nursing support staff
Responsibility 5: Utilizes appropriate mechanisms for networking, linkage building and referrals
  1. Beginning Nurse’s Role on Research
Responsibility 1: Engages in nursing or health related research with or under the supervision of an experienced researcher
Responsibility 2: Evaluates research study/report utilizing guidelines in the conduct of a written research critique
Responsibility 3: Applies the research process in improving client care in partnership with a quality improvement/quality assurance/nursing audit team

Level Objectiives: 

The student shall be given opportunities to be exposed to the various levels of health care with various client groups in various settings. These opportunities shall be given in graduated experiences to ensure that the competencies per course, per level and for the whole program are developed.
Before graduation, the student shall approximate the competencies of a professional nurse as they assume the various roles and responsibilities. For each year level, the following objectives should be achieved:
  1. At the end of the first year, the students shall have acquired an understanding and awareness of themselves as an individual and as a member of the family, the community, and the works with emphasis on personal, societal and professional values as responsibilities, rights, and an awareness of physical, social and cultural milieu. The student shall have awareness of the competencybased approach in the curriculum and the core competencies under the 11 key areas of responsibilities.
  2. At the end of the second year, the student shall have acquired the holistic understanding of the human person as a bio-psycho-cultural being focusing on the concept of health and illness as it is related to the care of the mother and child in varied settings. The student shall be able to demonstrate the competencies in the key areas of responsibilities.
  3. At the end of third year, given actual client/situations with various physiologic and psychological alterations, the student shall be able to demonstrate the competencies in the key areas of responsibilities.
  4. At the end of level fourth year, given actual client/situations the student shall be able to demonstrate the competencies in all the key areas of responsibilities.

1. PRC Board of Nursing Resolution no. 24 Series of 2012
2. CHED Memorandum Order No. 14, Series of 2009

Course Requirements and Job Opportunities: Nursing Course RequirementsJob Opportunities

For inquiries, you may contact:

Dr. Elvira L. Urgel
Dean, School of Nursing
2nd Flr. Generosa de Leon Science Center
Centro Escolar University
9 Mendiola St.,
San Miguel, Manila City
(+63)2 735-6861 to 71 loc. 219
(+63)2 736-2211

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#9 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila

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