BSc Computing Mathematics
City University of Hong Kong

USD 15,400 (Per Year)
3-4 years

Course Description

The Department specialises in applied and computational mathematics. Undergraduate teaching is backed up by extensive research on a wide range of topics. This places us in close contact with many modern uses of mathematics. Our programme is both relevant and up-to-date.
We are proud of our academic staff, many of whom are internationally renowned scholars. For example, Professor Philippe G. Ciarlet, member of the French Academy of Sciences and of seven other academies, was Chair Professor of the Department until August 2011. He joined the office of the College of Science and Engineering in September 2011 as University Distinguished Professor. Professor Ciarlet has received numerous distinctions, among which a Grand Prize of the French Academy of Sciences and an Alexander von Humboldt Research Award.
Professor Ciarlet is currently Senior Fellows in the Institute for Advanced Study of CityU.

The Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics programme was introduced in 1994.  This major is unique in Hong Kong.  It emphasizes the balance between theories and their applications to practical problems, with a special focus on applied mathematics linked to computational aspects.
The major aims at equipping students and producing graduates with a strong background in:

  • data analysis
  • mathematical modelling
  • scientific computing
  • technical computer software
Students are trained to think quantitatively and analyse problems critically.
As graduates of our programme, they are in hot demand in a number of fields, including data analysis, business intelligence analysis, mathematical modelling, quantitative business planning, scientific programming. There is also a demand for mathematics teachers in Hong Kong secondary schools.
Apart from joining the workforce, some of our graduates further their studies locally or in overseas universities, such as University of Oxford in UK, University of Calgary and University of Toronto in Canada, and New York University and Universities of California in the US.

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